Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What do you notice when you look at art?

Fifth and sixth graders used their ChromeBooks in Art for the first time this week! They were able to independently write responses to our "Do Now" prompt, look for images and watch the Elements and Principles videos that are linked to the Art Blog.

Before we began our study of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, I want students to think about what they notice when they look at art. They responded to the following prompts:
  • What do you notice when you look at art?
  • What catches your eye?
  • What makes “good art?”  (notice that we have quotation marks around "Good Art" because this may mean something different for each person!)

Here are some of their responses, which these wonderfully tech-savy kids shared with me via Google Drive.

i notice different emotions and feelings and mostly cool shapes catch my eye. all art is good art .

When I look at art I sometimes notice something or I notice what the thing to person is doing. I

really like illusions. I like looking at them I like drawing and making them. I think good art is art

that you really try to do and if you mess up you find another way to do it or try it again. I LOVE


*I think that good art can make you happy or sad.

*I think that good art can make your day

I notice color in art, design, and a meaning. Good art is art

that can flow. The work that is put into art, the process is

what catches my eye. Something that you thought on, that

is good art.

When I look at art I notice the little details to the small details, from one paint stroke, to what that paint stroke creates. Things that catch my eye are beautiful things that mean something, like real things happening, even if you were to draw a squiggly line, it could make it mean something to other people, as long as it means something to you. Good art is when it draws someone in, instead of glancing at it you feel intrigued to really take a chance to look at it and understand what the artist was feeling or doing. 

I notice that when i look at art i sometimes think it looks weird.  I also notice that there are usually  very bright colors.

1) I notice colors in the artwork when I look at it.

2) I think the colors also catch my eye.

3) Good art is art that someone worked hard on. 


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