Friday, March 28, 2014

Thinking inside the box - More Model Building

Today we continued our planning and model building for our Outdoor Learning Space. Artists worked with a variety of materials, including play-doh, modeling clay, felt, cardboard, wood and natural materials to build models in shallow boxes. 

Some students, however, preferred to think outside the box. 
(Any excuse to share a cartoon by my favorite cartoonist!) 

We are working on creating models that will show the components of this outdoor learning space.  Each group has chosen to focusing on a different area.  Some groups are working on creating models that are to scale with the actual space. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Today is Art Advocacy Day!

Please join me in being an advocate for the arts in education! 
 Ask your child why he or she thinks the arts are an important part of the school day.  Watch the video below for some insight on why we need art in school. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Planning and model building for outdoor learning space

Today we worked with Eleanor, Elizabeth and Kirsten to create sketches and models of some of the components of our outdoor learning space. Stay tuned to see more of these models. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Planning for our Outdoor Learning Space

Waitsfield students are learning about the realm of architecture and landscape design as we embark on an exciting school-wide project.  Our artist-in-residence this year will once again be a compilation of local talent.  We are teaming up with Yestermorrow Design and Build School, rock artist Thea Alvin, architect Eleanor D'Aponte, landscape architects Kirsten Seibert and Elizabeth Cadwell and others to design a brand new outdoor learning space for our school.

In art class this week, upper unit students have worked with Eleanor and Kirsten to walk the proposed site and brainstorm ideas for this space.  We used ideas from the article "What makes a Successful Place?" from the Project for Public Places as our framework for our brainstorming.  This article outlines four key considerations for planning any successful public place.  I modified these categories slightly to fit our needs.
They are:
Uses and activities
Social Connections
Accessibility and Care
Comfort and Beauty 

Students began brainstorming by walking the proposed site for the outdoor classroom and by searching the internet for images that answer some of the key questions within each planning category.  Next week we will continue our planning with sketching and model building.

The fresh snow made a great canvas for laying out ideas for our outdoor learning space. 

Architect Eleanor D'Aponte looks over the proposed site. 

Students sketch ideas in the snow.

Planning and research in groups.
Group presentation of ideas
Sketching ideas on the site map