Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Poinsettia Paintings

If we can't have snow, at least we can have color! 

This class's interpretation of Poinsettias reminds me that there is never one right way to approach an art lesson.  I love how each student's painting is completely unique and that no one's painting looks anything like the (mediocre) example that I (reluctantly) created. (I usually don't like to create a teacher example because it often shapes students' views about what the final product "should" look like.)

This lesson allowed us practice in color mixing and color theory.  

Students' paintings remind me of a classic Marimekko floral pattern: 
Here are first and second graders' poinsettia paintings:

Friday, December 4, 2015

Progress, not perfection!

Friday afternoon words of wisdom... not just for art class!

Kindergarten Family Portraits

Kindergarten artists created these family portrait collages using tissue paper and Sharpie marker. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Painted Paper for Collages inspired by Rex Ray

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Mindfulness Mazes

The Morning Mindfulness group met today to work on making mazes.  Mazes offer a chance for focus and concentration, both while creating them and while solving them.  These mazes were created in a very short time with intense focus and attention to detail.

Artist Biography Infographic Lesson

1. Go to this link and choose a famous artist.   Check out several artists from different periods in art history before making your final choice.  (If you can't handle the possibility of coming across nudity in art, please let me know before you begin your search.)

2. Open a GoogleDoc and record the following information:
  • Artist's Name
  • Birth/Death Date
  • Country of Nationality
  • Primary Art Movement(s) or Style(s)
  • Describe this art movement or style (You may want to use Wikipedia to help!) 
  • Choose 3-4 pieces of interesting biographical information and type them onto your GoogleDoc. 
  • Explain why this artist's work is of interest to you. 
  • Choose 3-4 images by your artist and paste them onto your GoogleDoc. Make sure you include the title and year, if possible.
3. Open Canva.com and create a sign in. 

4. Click on the logo in the upper left
5. Click on the "+ more" button
6. Scroll down to "Infographics"
7. Choose a template that will allow you to add your own images in a format that you like.
8. Add your images, text and information to create an infographic about your artist.

Here are some examples of infographics to inspire you.