Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chalk Pastel Landscapes inspired by Wolf Kahn

"The horizon, though in actuality a dividing line, must become, in a painting, a place where sky and land meet and mesh and become seamless." 

It's stick season in Vermont.  It's cold and dark and gray.  However, the work of artist Wolf Kahn reminds me that there is beauty and color in the forest all year long.   

Wolf Kahn's artwork makes me feel calm and centered.  If I can't go out for a walk in the woods, looking at his paintings and pastels of forest and mountain landscapes is the next best thing.  Although Kahn primarily lives and works in New York City, when looking at his work it is obvious that he also spends time in Vermont.  Kahn has a part-time residence in Brattleboro!

Wolf Kahn is a German-born artist who combines realism with an art style called "color field."  Color field painting is when the color is the main subject of the piece of artwork. 

First and second graders looked at examples of Wolf Kahn's trees and landscapes.  We used chalk pastels to create color field backgrounds, then add trees and other landscape elements.  

Here are some examples of first and second grade art inspired by Wolf Kahn.  In addition to the peaceful subject matter of these landscapes, many students noticed the effect that blending the chalk pastels had on them. Don't you feel calmer already?

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microscopic wonders

"Woah! What is THAT?" can be heard in the Art Room today.  We looked at many beautiful images of microscopic photography. Some are more obvious than others, but nearly all are awe inspiring!

Fifth and sixth graders selected an image to try to capture using oil and chalk pastels on large paper.  We acknowledged that much of this project might feel challenging as drawing something that is specific and precise but not figurative is something that we don't have a lot of experience with.  We also discussed how we can recognize the differences between chalk and oil pastels and use each of these mediums to achieve the desired results.

Click here to see more amazing microscopic photography!

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What Lifts You? Collaborative Zentangle Feather Wings Inspired by Kelsey Montague

Street artist Kelsey Montague creates large interactive murals of wings for people to stand in front of and ponder the question "What lifts you?"
Montague writes,
As many of you know I started the What Lifts You campaign last year to provide people with the opportunity to share more about what inspires them in their life… I never expected the response I would receive. After just a week in NYC my first set of What Lifts You wings had a line down the street of people wanting to take a picture with the piece and post about what inspires them in their life. I realized that people love the opportunity to become a ‘living work of art’ by stepping into the wings and they love getting the chance to talk about what inspires them in their lives!

Click here to see more of Montague's work 

We created Zentangle Feathers to piece together to create a collaborative wing mural inspired by Montague's work.

Here's a short video of Kelsey Montague creating her street art wings:

Friday, November 3, 2017

Inspiration Project Jewelry at Art Auction for Hurricane Relief

Our Inspiration Project Jewelry group created tons of items to contribute to the Art Auction for Hurricane Relief that will take place this weekend.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Inspiration Project Stained Glass

Would you have thought it's possible to do stained glass with elementary school students?  Leigh Stockton made it possible during the Inspiration Project.  Check out these beautiful creations!