Tuesday, September 1, 2015


First and second grade artists read the beautiful book "Home," by Carson Ellis.  The words in this book are simple, but the drawings are exquisite!  This book illustrates all different types of homes, some real and some made up.  After reading the book, first and second grade artists imagined homes that felt special to them, either based on their real homes or on fantasy.  

This beautiful video shows author and illustrator Carson Ellis working on "Home" in her own home and studio. 

Material World

In the book "Material World," photographer Peter Menzel photographs families around the world sitting outside of their homes with their prized possessions on display.  This images show the many different types of homes that exist in the world, as well as the differences in what people value.

First and second grade artists drew homes, either real or imagined or a combination of both. We used black oil pastels to outline and liquid watercolors to paint. 

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