Monday, June 27, 2016

Art Camp Week 2!

Paintings inspired by Monet's water lilies 

Fun in the sprinkler! 

Making Art Journals 

Leaf rubbings and watercolor resist 

Art Mural

Making portfolios 

Art journals 

Art mural

Friendship bracelets 
A photo posted by Nora (@artclass_allday) on

A photo posted by Nora (@artclass_allday) on

A photo posted by Nora (@artclass_allday) on


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Art Camp!

Silly faces group picture 
Field trip to the Mad River Glass Gallery
We learned about blowing glass! Thanks Dave, Melanie and Sam! 
Homemade play-doh in every color! 
The play-dog rainbow 
A trip to the theater to see Mr. Alligator's theater camp productions
Silly face planters for cat grass... The prince and princess and their castle

Drawing bubbles with chalk pastels 
 Painting the giant mural
Egg carton creatures 
Toothpick and marshmallow structures
Clay hands! 
Lunch in the shade
Weaving on the Friendly Loom

Bubble Art! 
Straw painting 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Clay Planters in the Garden

I finally finished the last project from our Clay Artist Residence.  While some children went on various site visits, a small group stayed with me in the art room and made these beautiful ceramic planters. They now have a variety of succulents planted in them are are hung on the garden shed and the playground living structure. These will be a permanent art installment in our school garden