Wednesday, April 14, 2010


SUMMER ART CAMPS at Waitsfield and Fayston Schools for children entering
grades 1-7 in Sept 2010.

Clay Camp at Fayston School. 2 Sessions: Tues-Thurs, July 6-8 and 13-15.
9:00-1:00. $100/session

Art Camp at Waitsfield School. M-F, July 19-23. 9:00-1:00. $120

Contact for more information or to sign up.
Scholarships available.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PETER MAX Paintings

Upper unit artists are studying artist Peter Max.

America's Painter Laureate and Pop Art Icon, Peter Max's bold colors, uplifting images and uncommon artistic diversity have touched almost every aspect of American culture and has inspired many generations.
Max's work has been called cosmic and psychedelic. His more recent works represent his ideas about a harmonious, beautiful world. He is well known for his album cover art, particularly for the Beatles.

Upper unit artists examined many of Max's works before designing their own compositions in his style. Each student's piece contains elements that can be seen in many of Max's works. What are some of the repeated images and themes that you see in the Peter Max pictures above?

Here are some photos of in-progress student work.

Friday, April 9, 2010


What healthy foods would we like to use to fill our neighbors' empty bowls?  Lower unit students used pen, tempera, oil pastel and colored pencil to make healthy food squares.  As we wrap up our school-wide Empty Bowls project, we are thinking about the role that food has in our lives. 

EMPTY BOWLS DINNER: Tuesday, April 13th 5:30-7:00
Gatehouse at Sugarbush

A message from Kaiya Korb:

The kiln has been doing “overtime” this past week as artist-in-  residence potter Leslie Montalto takes our students’ creations through   the glazing and finishing process. Stop by the art room to check out   the beautiful finished products.  Most students have produced both a   slab bowl and a bowl on the wheel. Students will take one bowl home   and their second creation will be sold to raise funds to fight hunger   in Vermont at our “Empty Bowls” dinner next Tuesday, April 13th, 5:30–  7:00 at Sugarbush Gate House. We hope you will join us for this   culminating event celebrating art and our community caring for one   another. Tickets are available at school or through your child. We ask   that everyone purchase their ticket in advance so that we can have a   “head count” and insure that everyone wishing to purchase a specific   bowl has the opportunity to do so.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kandisky and Chuck Close... Separated at birth?
Check out the Kandinsky interpretations done by our Kindergarten class, then take a close look at this face by Chuck Close. Do you see a connection?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Our students are not offered Spanish language at the elementary level, but since I speak Spanish, I love this project as a way to introduce some simple Spanish vocabulary.  Loteria is a common Mexican game, similar to Bingo.  The brightly colored cards are icons in Mexico and beyond.  Upper unit students used metal paper, permanent markers and oil pastels to imitate the Mexican folk art of metal tooling. 


I love the creative names of different colors of paint at the hardware store.  Lower unit students wrapped up our unit on color mixing by creating their own paint strips.  The color names are unique and descriptive! 


Going back in time a bit, here is a project done by our Kindergarten classes.  We looked at Wassily Kandinsky's famous painting Squares with Concentric Rings.  We used oil pastels and watercolors to make our own pictures in this style.  BEAUTIFUL! 

For our 2010 arts residency, we had two local potters, Leslie Montalto and Loretta Languett, visit our school.  They spent three weeks working with all students to make bowls on the potter's wheel and by hand-building.  The bowls will be used for our school's Empty Bowls dinner, which is a fundraiser for anti-hunger organizations in Vermont. 

Leslie works with students on the potter's wheel.

Leslie demonstrates how to make a slab bowl out of clay.

Wanda rolls out her clay.

Loretta helps Jonathan add texture to his slab bowl.

Getting our hands dirty!