Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fairy Tale Puppets

The three bears

Little Red Riding Hood


The Wicked Witch


The Witch

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots






Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother




2 Gretels

The Gretels and Little Red and Dragon

Friday, November 18, 2011

Perfect Square

We read the book Perfect Square by Michael Hall.  Then we painted paper squares using all warm or cool colors of watercolor paint.

Then the artists cut and assembled their squares into new pictures. 

I cut the corner of the square and then cut the piece next to the corner and then the next.  My square became a fountain.  Sage

I cut lines and made a volcano.  Anna L.

Mine is a square robot and there are meteors coming from the sun and the robot is trying to move.  There is a giant one on the top.  Ethan B.

I cut my square into triangles then I made them into a fountain.  Lillian R.

I made the river, grass and a sunset.   Brennan

I cut my square into straight lines to make a fence. Leif

I took the square and cut it in zigzags to make an ocean.  Wanda

I made a field under the sunset.  Alden

I made my square into a skateboarding ramp.  Colby

I made my square into a fountain.  Amalia

I made shattered glass.  Sasha

It’s a park.  Kai

Mine is a whole bunch of kites flying.  Ciera

I made a fountain.  Molly C.

It is a heart peace sign.  Brooke

It is some water on the grass.  There is a tree.  Rachel

It is a fountain with polka dotted drops.  Emma

It is a dog running up a ramp in a park.  Gabe

I made icicles by cutting my square into triangles and other shapes.  Lillian C.

This is a fountain.  Caleb L.

There are birds, a bridge, a bench, a sun and a half blue sky.  It is turning into a rainy day.  Azailea

It is a T.V. and it is on a shelf.  Those are the buttons.  Amy

This is a picture of rectangles.  Arianna

This is a person.  These are things that he is walking by that are up in the sky.   Arianna

It’s an apple pie.  I made the circle then put pieces of paper on the inside.  Beckett

I made a sunset.  Tyler

This one is a mountain.  The hole punches are the stars. Nina

This one is a sunset.  Nina

It’s a rock climbing place.  Emery

This is a fountain.  I cut them diagonally the glued the strips from biggest to smallest.  Jordan

I made trees.  Hannah

I cut my square into little strips and made a rainbow.  Tela