Friday, November 7, 2014

Harvest Bean Mandalas

As the art teacher, I frequently have random boxes and bags of supplies appear in the art room.  One of the donations that I was most excited about was a bag of jar kids. Kindergarten, first and second grade artists used these lids to create Harvest Mandalas using different types of beans and seeds.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More Mandalas

Fifth and sixth graders are finally finishing their mandalas, which we started back in September in celebration of International Dot Day

Click here to see more mandalas by fifth and sixth grade artists. 

Collograph Printing

Third and fourth grade artists learned about collograph printing.  Collograph comes from the french work for glue, colle. Can you think of another art term that has the same root?  

Each student created a plate based on a nature word.  We used a combination of natural objects and found or recycled materials to create our plates.  Through much trial and error, we discovered that we had the best luck with printing our plates when using damp paper and acrylic paint.  

Stay tuned to see how third and fourth graders integrate these prints into some writing around their nature words.  

Collograph plates 

Collograph prints 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Kindergarten Nighttime Adventures

Kindergarten artists looked at the book "Flashlight," by Liza Boyd  (a Vermont Artist!).  They took themselves on an imaginary outdoor nighttime adventure.  These paintings show what they saw.  

My picture is the night when there are a lot of stars and I see a pile of gold.  There’s a big golden finger cloud on top of me and it’s shooting out a claw.  

This is gold around the trails and this is a flower and there are clouds and there is a star.

I am in India and I see a rainbow grasshopper with a bird.  

My picture is all about Night.  I always see the stars making an animal or a shape.  They are making a porcupine.   There are stars and a moon.

I am out searching for animals and I see my dog Tess.  

Mine is about a big giant monster with a porcupine and some rocks.  

I see a rainbow in the sky.  I see snow.  I see a golden rock.  

This is gold on top of a spider.  I am making a rainbow.  

It is a picture of a deer and a bear and me shining my flashlight on the moon and five stars and two trees.  

I see a white-tailed deer and a lake that’s golden.  

I am going to draw a person and my cat and my mom and my sister.


A boy was going to a place at nighttime and on his walk there he shined his flashlight on a bear and he saw some fish and a diver.  

It is the sky.  There are stars and moons.  

All of this is about animals technically, like bears, dogs and any animals in the world.  I made a meteor.  

It is about porcupines.  They are getting some food.  

This is a white-tailed deer and this is my flashlight and this is me.  

This is a storm and this is my costume.  I am a wolverine.  

Beetle Mania!

First and second graders looked at the art of Christopher Marley.  He creates mosaics and "prisms" out of real beetles, butterflies and other insects.  Click here to see more of Marley's Insect Art. 
We also read "The Beetle Book," by Steve Jenkins and talked about the many varieties of different beetles in the world.  We noticed that all bugs are symmetrical.  This ties in with students' math class work about symmetry.  
"Some Bugs," by Angela DiTerlizzi was another fun resource for checking out different types of beetles and insects.  This book has beautiful illustrations!  

Additionally inspired by the well-loved art of Eric Carle, first and second grade artists drew their beetles, collaged them with tissue paper and added them to a group mosaic in the style of Christopher Marley.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Trees and Leaf Collages by Grades 1&2

First and second graders created beautiful leaf collages and fall trees for our bulletin boards. The fall colors are passing, but we still have their artwork to brighten our hallways through "Stick Season." 

Endangered Species Linoleum Block Printing

Fifth and sixth grade artists chose different endangered species for our linoleum block printing project.  This ties in with their classroom studies of ecosystems, environment and global warming.  
Carving the block