Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Taking Risks: Challenge, Adventure and Growth Mindset

What does it mean to take a risk?
  • Do something you haven't done before.
  • Do something that is challenging.
  • Go out of your comfort zone.
  • Be unsure about something.
  • Try something new.  
  • Do something you don't know how to do. 
  • "Go for it!"
  • Push yourself into new things even if you don't want to or feel scared
  • You may make a mistake! 

Why is it important to challenge yourself?
  • To have fun and excitement in your life.
  • To do something thrilling.
  • To do something difficult because you won't learn if you do things you know.  
  • To see what something new is like.
  • To learn and get better at something.  
  • It is the only way to experience new things! 
  • You might learn something new.
  • It makes you feel good!
  • You may not feel scared anymore after you do something challenging.  

How does it feel to be outside of your "comfort zone?"
  • You might feel nervous.
  • Palms sweating
  • Proud of yourself
  • Scared and Uncomfortable
  • Happy and Scary
  • "Wow! I can't believe I did that!"
  • Happy that you tried something new 
  • "GULP!" 
  • Awesome!  
  • Exciting!
  • Nervous because you don't know what's ahead 
Draw an example of a time when you challenged yourself or stepped outside your comfort zone!

What is art and what is Art for?

 videos to get us thinking about why people make art and WHAT IS ART anyway??

Creature Comforts USA - Art from ART 110F on Vimeo.  (RATED PG!)

Monday, August 24, 2015

I am an ARTIST!

I am an ARTIST! 

Careers in Art from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.

I am an Architect:
I can design my dream home or an amazing fort!

I am a Fashion Designer:
I can draw a new outfit or costume!

I am a Graphic Designer:
I can design a logo for a new product or sports team!

I am an Illustrator:
I can draw characters from my favorite story or write an illustrate a short story!

Obviously there are many more types of artists out there and the possibilities are endless! 

I am a Portrait Artist:
I can draw a picture of myself or my friend!
I am a Cartoonist!
I can invent a cartoon character or draw a comic strip!

Obviously there are many more types of artists out there and the possibilities are endless! 

Welcome Back!

I am so excited to be back at Waitsfield School! I have many plans for an art class filled with creativity, exploration and fun! It feels great to be in the art room, surrounded with so many different possibilities for our year.  I hope students arrive feeling excited to try new things, take risks and do their best! 

See you on the First Day of School!