Tuesday, October 10, 2017

#InfiniteKusama means Millions of Dots!

Yayoi Kusama might be one of the most interesting artists I have ever encountered.  She is a Japanese artist in her 90's who is never seen without a glowing red or pink bob. In addition to being a painter and filmmaker, Kusama creates installation pieces with glowing pumpkins, millions of dots and mirrors that create a feeling of infinity (hence the trending hashtag #InfiniteKusama).

First and second grade artists looked at some of Kusama's art, then we created these pumpkin pieces inspired by her work. We started by choosing paper in warm and cool colors and comparing Kusama's dots the her angular background on some of her work.

After we wrapped up our pumpkins, students created collages inspired by Kusama's work. These free form collages explore her use of color and of course, dots!

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A post shared by Nora (@artclass_allday) on