Friday, November 20, 2015

Fill-in-the-Blank Landscapes

Fifth and sixth grade artists are wrapping up one of my favorite art lessons.  They created beautiful Fill-in-the-Blank Landscape drawings using only colored pencil.  Students chose landscape photographs from old calendars, then cut them into two inch strips. After the removed every other strip from the photographs, they had to recreate the image in the blank space.  This lesson taught us a lot about color mixing, drawing what you see, not what you know and how to use colored pencils in a more advanced way than most students have before.  The results are spectacular!

Zentangle Feathers for Thanksgiving

Artists practiced their Zentangle doodling by creating beautiful feather designs.  Some students chose to add words in their feathers to tell what they are thankful for.  Others may have reflected on feelings of gratitude while creating their feathers. Zentangle doodling offers a calm opportunity for reflection and thankfulness, whether creating a piece that expresses this or being mindful during the creation process. 


First and second grade artists designed and painted ROBOTS of every variety! We used metallic paint and added shadows and highlights to make the robots look three-dimensional.  Every Robot has a name and a job. 

Here are some of the robot resources that we used to inspire our robots. This video gave us ideas of how to use different basic shape to build our robots' bodies.