Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Rock!

Students are excited about our new system of recognizing positive behaviors around our school. In art class and all other parts of the school day, a student may receive a small card if he or she is "caught in the act" of following our school-wide expectations. We are especially promoting several key student behaviors, which we have identified as essential for student success in and out of school. They are engagement, responsibility, safety and kindness.  With a little creativity, this loosely works out to the acronym WE ROCK.  In art class over the first few weeks of school, we will be discussing what this "rockstar” behavior might look like.

Being ENGAGED looks like:
listening, following directions, being focused, raising your hand, helping clean up, answering a question, looking at the speaker, doing your best, "Stop, look and listen" when you hear the bell, working hard

Being RESPONSIBLE looks like:
keeping a reasonable volume, helping clean up, taking care of art materials, respecting musical instruments, respectfully helping others remember classroom expectations

Being SAFE looks like:
moving carefully in the art room, using materials safely and appropriately, following instructions, having safe hands and bodies

Being KIND looks like:
using kind words, sharing materials and space, giving thoughtful and truthful compliments, helping a classmate, making all classmates feel welcome and valued

WHAT ELSE??  Classes will continue to add to these lists as we discuss our art room expectations and continue to earn cards toward our school-wide goals.

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