Friday, September 13, 2013

Portrait drawing tutorials

Here are three online guides to portrait drawing.  These should help you learn about proper placement of all of the facial features and will give you some tips about how to make your self portrait more realistic.

The first link gives a basic overview of drawing a proportional face.  The second link is more detailed and focused on making your portrait as realistic as possible.

Choose the one that is right for you, use what you can from the online lesson and proceed at your own pace!  

Click here to watch a "Show Me" tutorial about portrait drawing:

Check out this link for a more detailed tutorial about drawing realistic faces:
Drawing Detailed Realistic Faces

Here are some tips for drawing each individual feature on the face:

ARTISTS:  Please Comment!  Were these online tutorials helpful to you?  What did you like about learning this way?  What was challenging?  Are you proud of your work?