Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Inspired by Picasso's "Bouquet of Peace"

Picasso's print is variously titled "Bouquet of Peace," "Hands with Flowers," "Hands with Bouquet," "Flowers and Hands," or any other variation on those words. Originally a watercolor drawing, Picasso subsequently printed the picture as a color lithograph.  He created it for a peace demonstration in Stockholm, Sweden in 1958.

"Bouquet of Peace" shows his desire for people to join together in love and harmony.  The brightly colored flowers convey a sense of hope and rebirth, and the bouquet forms a bond between two individuals symbolized by the two hands displayed within the piece.   The simplicity of the forms not only represents Picasso's desire for childlike innocence in his art, but also symbolizes the purity and openness needed to get along with others in peace. (Read more at http://artprep.weebly.com/picasso-bouquet-of-peace.html)

Kindergarten artists looked at Picasso's famous painting noticed that the two hands belong to different people.  This means that the flowers are being passed from one person to another. 



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