Friday, November 11, 2016

Nighttime Adventures inspired by "Flashlight"

In Kindergarten Art Class we read the magical and oh-so-fun book "Flashlight," by Lizi Boyd. Boyd is a Vermont artist and author, so her whimsical illustrations of a young boy's night walk through the woods look somewhat familiar. 

Kindergarten artists imagined their own nighttime adventures and used gold, silver and white paint on black to paint them. 

I imagined that there was a porcupine, a deer and a beaver around me.
A human found a fox and a deer. The fox and the deer lead him to his tent.
It was a beautiful night. It was nice. We saw an animal-- an owl.
There was shiny glass. I have a flashlight. I see deer.
It’s about all the creatures getting scared because there’s a little ghost right there in a spot nearby.
He shines the light on the porcupine. The stars glow in the dark.
An owl was flying in the sky and then a deer came. Then all of the animals started to be friends.
The owl was hiding in the tree. The deer was chasing after the owl. Then there was a bear.
There was a ghost and a rabbit and a baby ghost. It was a dark, dark night.
I’m walking into the woods and I saw a turtle, then I saw an air balloon and a flower.
I saw an owl and a rabbit and a deer and I was wearing a pretty nighttime dress made out of moss and leaves.

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