Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rex Ray Collage

Rex Ray is a contemporary collage artist from San Francisco.  He started working as a graphic designer, but expanded to collage when he felt he needed to infuse more creativity and freedom into his work.  

There are many connections between Rex Ray's work and Henri Matisse's Collages.  What similarities and differences do you notice between their work? Click here to see more artwork we've done that was inspired by Matisse!

Third and fourth grade artists looked at Rex Ray's work as inspiration for their own collages. We identified four elements that we noticed in many of Rex Ray's pieces. They are:
1. Warm and Cool Colors
2. Texture
3. Organic Shapes
4. Layering, Unity and Composition
We started by painting warm and cool colored papers and collecting textured images from magazines.  Then students used Rex Ray's art to inspire an Organic Shape Doodle.
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Then students created their own collages based on Rex Ray's work. Here are some examples of Rex Ray's Collages:

Here's a picture of collage-making in-progress.  When we do collage, I try to remember to "Embrace the Chaos!"
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Here are our finished collages! After students photographed their collages, they painted a layer of acrylic gel medium over their work.

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