Friday, February 20, 2015

Wrapping up...

Today is not only the last day before vacation, but it is also my last day at Waitsfield until next school year. As my maternity leave continues, I will be wrapping up the year at Fayston School and Alex Morse will be returning to finish the year as my sub here.

Fifth and sixth grade artists enjoyed a fun pre-vacation art day! After putting our Hundertwasser Architecture projects on display in the library, we played a rowdy game of Luck of the Draw

Before leaving for vacation, I wanted to make sure that the walls were filled with the latest and greatest from the art room. 

Third and fourth graders' Onomatopeoia words inspired by Roy Lichtenstein are bringing some POP to the halls!  

First and second graders "Dancing Lines" look like works of Modern Art worthy of MoMA!

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