Friday, October 31, 2014

Beetle Mania!

First and second graders looked at the art of Christopher Marley.  He creates mosaics and "prisms" out of real beetles, butterflies and other insects.  Click here to see more of Marley's Insect Art. 
We also read "The Beetle Book," by Steve Jenkins and talked about the many varieties of different beetles in the world.  We noticed that all bugs are symmetrical.  This ties in with students' math class work about symmetry.  
"Some Bugs," by Angela DiTerlizzi was another fun resource for checking out different types of beetles and insects.  This book has beautiful illustrations!  

Additionally inspired by the well-loved art of Eric Carle, first and second grade artists drew their beetles, collaged them with tissue paper and added them to a group mosaic in the style of Christopher Marley.  

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