Friday, January 17, 2014

Paper Relief and Photography

This project truly took on a life of its own!  After looking at several examples of paper relief online on Pinterest, I set out cardboard squares, glue and piles of white paper, but I gave very few instructions about how to proceed.  Artists experimented with rolling, folding and wrinkling the paper to create these magnificent sculptures. Then we set up a photography station using black paper, an overhead projector and the iPad. Students used basic photo filters to emphasize the way the light hit their creations. So beautiful! 


  1. Hi Nora
    What a great project! I love how you combined sculpture and photography. The photos were so striking I was surprised at the scale of the physical sculptures. Pinning!
    Rina at

  2. Thank you! I love how I started with project with one outcome in mind and it morphed into something completely different. The opportunity to integrate photography and technology was such a treat! I am looking forward to repeating this lesson at my other school and with other age groups.