Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blind contour drawings

Fifth and sixth grade artists learned about blind contour drawings. The biggest challenges for them were keeping their pens on the paper and not peeking at their artwork. After making several blind contour drawings with different partners, students chose one to color. They looked for closed spaces within their contour line drawings and colored the spaces with colored pencils. This is preparation for working on self portraits. I am trying to get students to draw what they see instead of what they know. Hopefully this exercise helps students draw more freely.


  1. Some kids LOVE this exercise, and some kids really, really don't!! It really pushes them out of their comfort zone doesn't it? All the more reason to do it! :)

  2. Yes, some students got too hung up on making their drawings look like real faces. Others used it as an excuse to scribble like crazy. It was challenging to find that happy medium!