Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bread and Puppet Artists-in-Residence... What we loved

Students used watercolor, Sharpie markers and colored pencils to respond to what they loved and what they learned during our time with our artists-in-residence from Bread and Puppet Theater.  

Many artists drew their favorite parts of the final pageant, which showed our community's response to Hurricane Irene in August 2011. 

Students in Bird Costumes

The River Monster

River Monster! 

Katherine from B+P

Students dancing as the River Monster

Houses and a toilet (!) getting washed down the river

River Monster

Singing songs and playing games

Katherine and Lily from B+P

River Monster

Woman in a boat floating on the river

The River Monster with lots of students inside


Dancing with rainsticks

Potato people represent the population of the community 

Lily taught us a warm-up that used the Spanish words for body parts

The monster comes out from beneath the river


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