Friday, October 28, 2011

Not so Ugly Dolls!

 Fifth and sixth grade artists are creating original Ugly Dolls!  They are learning about symmetry in their classroom, so this project ties in very nicely.

We started by folding a piece of free draw paper in half the tall way and drawing half of a monster shape along the fold.  Then we cut them out and traced the monster onto colored paper.  We glued our ugly dolls onto black paper and used scrap paper and black markers to add simple details to the faces.

The next phase of the project is to make an Ugly Doll out of felt.  We traced the monster onto two sheets of felt, then cut them out.  We used scraps of felt to add details to the doll and then sewed the two pieces together with whip stitch.  We stuffed the Ugly Dolls with filling.

Each artist named his or her not-so-Ugly Doll and came up with character traits and a short story about the monster.

Here are the finished paper not-so-Ugly Dolls

Students folding paper and cutting out symmetrical shapes. 

Students breaking my cardinal "no shadow puppets" rule of using the projector.  They are using their Ugly Dolls as shadow puppets on the official Ugly Doll website

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